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As a Third-Party Service Provider, you hereby agree with the following from the Association’s Standards of Conduct Policy as it relates to Third Party Service Providers: “Individuals and firms providing services to the Association (“Third Party Service Providers”) are expected to maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, and impartiality to ensure the proper performance of System business and continued public confidence in the System and all its institutions. The avoidance of misconduct and Conflict of Interest is indispensable to the maintenance of these standards. Your licensing authorities may make these same requirements of you. The Association would appreciate your cooperation and, therefore, request that you would promptly make to the Association the following disclosures:

  • Whether you (or members of your firm) are related to any Director or Employee of the Association.
  • Whether any of the Association’s Directors or Employees have any financial interest or financial obligations with, you or your firm; and
  • Whether you or your firm have any ownership interest with, or business dealings with, any of the Association’s Directors or Employees.

The Association would also request that you keep confidential, as may be appropriate, all information obtained by you about the Association and that you refrain from soliciting or accepting any gifts, contributions or special consideration from Association Directors or Employees. The Association is required by Regulations and Policy to end our relationship with you if you are unable to comply with our requests.”

A current list of Association Board of Directors may be obtained by viewing our web site here.
If you have questions regarding the identity of any Employee, please contact us at

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