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If you had an extra $100 given to you, what would you do with it? How about an extra $2,000? Oklahoma AgCredit Patronage eligible members will be asking themselves that question this April. Some members choose to apply it to their loan while others choose to spend it, either way, it’s a big thank you from the association to our members.

I think the Patronage Program is fantastic. It comes at a good time of the's almost like that's my pat on the back because I've worked so hard." Muskogee Customer

Oklahoma AgCredit, the state’s largest agricultural lending cooperative, will pay its members a record $11.5 million Patronage return this April. This Patronage return reduces each eligible member’s interest rate by almost one percent.

When a farmer, rancher, agribusiness owner or rural homeowner opens a loan with Oklahoma AgCredit, they become a member of the cooperative. As a member, they have an opportunity to share in the cooperative’s financial success through the Patronage Program. Oklahoma AgCredit distributes returns based on the amount of interest expense on each member’s loan(s).

Since the Patronage Program was initiated in 1997, Oklahoma AgCredit members have received more than $85 million in Patronage returns. With a capital position of more than $324 million, Oklahoma AgCredit has the risk-bearing capacity to provide reliable, consistent credit to Oklahoma’s farmers and ranchers regardless of cycles in the agricultural economy, while also returning Patronage to members.

Patronage Open Houses are held every April so members can pick up their checks, register for a drawing prize and share lunch with staff and other members. This year, members can register to win a fire pit. Patronage Open House dates for each branch are listed in our news section on our website.

“Our board of directors is committed to consistently returning a Patronage and increasing that return every year,” said Patrick Zeka, Oklahoma AgCredit CEO. “The board places a high priority on growing capital while also distributing a healthy Patronage return. Paying Patronage not only signals the strength of the association, but also demonstrates the appreciation we have for our members’ financial partnerships.”

About Oklahoma AgCreditOklahoma AgCredit supports rural Oklahomans in 60 counties with reliable, consistent credit. A proud member of the Farm Credit System, the cooperative serves agricultural producers and rural landowners with combined assets over $1.8 billion and a portfolio more than 6,500 loans. Headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma AgCredit has 18 full-time lending offices and a number of weekly contact points. 


Only eligible borrowers will receive Patronage. Borrowers who are not eligible: 1) opted out of receiving Patronage; or 2) any loan in active non-accrual status at year end; 3) have a construction loan. Borrowers who are eligible for patronage and 1) the distribution is a minimum of $50; 2) the loan is delinquent, the distribution is applied to the active loan(s). Patronage less than $10 is not distributed. Please contact your local branch if you have questions about Patronage eligibility. Branch contact information can be found at

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